Cell Phone Holder for Car

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EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: One push-button fixation design.

Strong sticky gel suction cup easily adhere to windshield or most surfaces and keeps your smartphone safe and sound.

Also easily removable.

A quick release button means you can single hand the operation with your phone.

Fully adjustable with 360 rotation and the adjustable/long arm and rotatable top clip allows you to view your device at any angle or orientation.

Perfect for watching movies enjoying music in the bedroom, cooking in the kitchen, exercising in the gym and working in the office.

Fine details and craftsmanship, make life easier. Lazy bracket for you, free your hands. With this long arm lazy bracket, your hands are FREE to do anything while watching movies enjoying music playing phone games in bedroom, kitchen, gym, office, exhibition or any other places.

The top and bottom clips have been improved to enhance the strength and stability of holding the phones and mounting on the bases, respectively, avoiding vibrations and preventing your cell phone from falling or moving around.

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